Snowmobile driving training and mountain escort

For snow leopards and those who want to become Kola expeditions organize escort with training. We are waiting for you to come to the country of white snows and fierce winds, bright sunshine and adrenaline baths ... We will teach the basic techniques of driving a snowmobile in the mountains - cutting turns, riding on the same ski, turning on a slope, traverse movement. The experience of our guides will reduce the risk of damage to equipment and bones. We also offer Accompanying groups on our equipment. Snowmobile parking, repair assistance, avalanche equipment.
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Kola expedition ready for the winter season
Kola expedition ready for the winter season
March in Kola Expeditions
March on the Kola Peninsula is the most active, most solar, most blizzardly, most beautiful winter month.
New Year 2017 in the Kola expeditions
 It has been cheerful on New Year's holidays in the Kola expeditions