New Year's snowmobile excursions from Kirovsk

Snowmobile tours from Kirovsk to Khibiny Mountains are each day in the period from 30.12.2016 on 01.10.2017


10:00 - Mysterious Petrelius - 4 hours
14:00 - The Charm of Kuelporr  - 4 hours with lunch in mountains hotel 
18:00 - Aurora Borealis picnic - 4 hours with picnic 
18:30 и 20:30 - Kukisvumchorr Path  - 1,5 hours

 10 am - Mysterious Petrelius

   The most popular and loved tour into the Petrelius valley. 

About rout

14:00 - The Charm of Kuelporr

An impressive route in the north part of Khibiny with a stopover at the famous Rescue Camp.

About rout

 18:30 and 20:30 Kukisvumchorr Path

The budget trip for your first snowmobile experience and enjoyment of the central Khibiny scenery.About rout

18:00 - Aurora Borealis picnic

This is an evening tour designed in response to wishes expressed by our guests. It combines a full snowmobile tour and a magical evening under the stars by the bonfire. About rout

 The Kola Expeditions Snowmobile Center is located in the outskirts of Kirovsk next door to the Snow Village, behind the Tirvas sanatorium (the Botanical Gardens District, 25th kilometer).


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Kola expedition ready for the winter season
Kola expedition ready for the winter season
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