The Land of Mountain Spirits

A walking tour of the Khibiny with comfortable accommodation in a mountain hotel.

  • Duration: 6 days
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Age requirement: 12+
  • Length of the route: about 100 km
  • People in group: 4-12
  • Start of the tour: Kirovsk, the Snowmobile Center
  • Finish point: Kirovsk, the Snowmobile Center
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A walking tour of the Khibiny with comfortable accommodation in a mountain hotel.

The Khibiny are relatively low mountains occupying a small area but they remain in the hearts and minds of people enamored by their unique charm. This ancient land is full of fairy tales and legends, epic stories and rich real history. They speak to the traveller through ancient Sami names of surrounding peaks, paths, and lakes. Themselves invisible, they look at you through the eyes of the Seids, mountain spirits living in fantastic rocks generously scattered by nature around the tundra. That’s a totally different dimension.

We invite you to participate in an intriguing trip through the Khibiny where you’ll find an optimal combination of physical load and relaxation, solitude and remarkable natural beauty, nights in tents and comfortable guesthouses in the very heart of the northern mountains, without city hassle and bustle.

The cost is 27000 rubles per person with accommodation of 4-6 in a room.
The additional fee for 2-person per room accommodation is 3500 rubles.

The cost includes a qualified guide, local transfers, equipment rental, accommodation, meals, sauna in the hotel, souvenirs, and unforgettable impressions, with a sea of positive emotions. 


Day 1

8:30am – meeting at the train station in the City of Apatity, transfer to Kirovsk. Instructions, getting equipped. Transfer of luggage to the hotel using a 4WD truck or an ATV. A passenger van drive to the Tirvas sanatorium. A breakfast in our Travel Center. 11.00am – a walking tour: Tirvas sanatorium – Kukisvumchorr path - Kuelporr. En route lunch (hot tea, sandwiches) by the bonfire at Lake Serdtsevidnoye. 

The route is along the mountain valley, daily distance about 20km. 

Accommodation in the Kuelporr Hotel. Supper. Evening get-together in the common room.

Day 2

10:00am – a walking tour to the Northern Rischorr path. Climbing the Kaskasnunchorr mountain (1100m). The route is laid out through a mountain valley and the Northern Rischorr path (900m above sea level). 

Daily travel 16km 

Lunch en route. Return to the hotel, supper.

Day 3

9:00am - Breakfast 10:00am – a trip to Lake Goltsovoye, with a detour to the Umbozero path. The route follows a mountain valley, with 18km covered during the day. Those brave enough may take a swim in the purest of lakes, Paikunyavr (Goltsovo), where the temperature never rises above 12 degrees centigrade. 

Day 4 and 5

10:00am – a trip to Lake Akademicheskoye with a night in tents by the lake, meeting the sunrise, and returning through the Southern Rischorr path. 

Daily distance traveled is 16-17km. 

From the top a remarkable view onto the entire central and eastern parts of the Khibiny, Lake Umbozero, and the neighboring Lovozero massif opens up. Meals of the field type. A sauna with a dip in a mountain river (if desired, for an additional fee), supper. If the weather is bad the two-day route will be replaced with two one-day radial trips which will include a visit to Lake Akademicheskoye, but without a night in tents.

Day 6

A trip to the Northern Chorgor path (about 8km, elevation change around 900m). Snack en route. Good bye supper, giving out of souvenirs and diplomas, collecting things, departing for Kirovsk in an off-road vehicle. Transfer to the railroad station.

If the group desires, the climb onto Chorgorr can be substituted by a walk over the Petrelius and Ramsay path, with a detour to the city. The trip is made light, with luggage taken from the hotel by car.



The Kuelporr Guesthouse is in the north of the Khibiny in the picturesque Kuniyok River valley. One can snowmobile or ski there in the winter.

The Kuelporr Guesthouse is a modern one-story building with a loft, and a large hall with a fireplace. The guesthouse has electricity and running hot water. Double rooms with private facilities (shower, toilet, cloth dryer). There also are 6-bed rooms with shared facilities. The guesthouse is within mobile phone coverage. Internet is available for an additional fee. 

Our guests describe the Kuelporr Guesthouse as a very atmospheric place. 

How to get

Start of the tour: Kirovsk, the Snowmobile Center

The Kola Expeditions Snowmobile Center is located in the outskirts of Kirovsk next door to the Snow Village, behind the Tirvas sanatorium (the Botanical Gardens District, 25th kilometer).

It is easiest to get there by taxi. Follow the diagram.

Схема проезда к офису Кольских экспедиций в Кировске

Our telephone number: +7 (921) 514-75-55

Finish point: Kirovsk, the Snowmobile Center


Recommended personal equipment: a 60-80 liter knapsack with a water-proof bag, thermal underwear, a sweater or a warm undercoat made of Polartec windstopper, two pairs of woolen socks, cotton pants, a windbreaker coat, thin gloves, a woolen cap, a hat, three or four T-shirts, underwear and socks in sufficient quantity, a sports suit and slippers for indoors, an overcoat or a water-proof suit for the rain, and sneakers or good leather hiking boots like Garmont Asolo, Trezeta, Lowa etc. We also recommend you have telescopic hiking sticks. For light radial hikes we also suggest a small tracking 15-25 liter knapsack.

For the trip: a foam polyurethane pad, a sleeping bag with comfort rating from zero to -5 centigrade. Photo and video equipment of your choice, a compass, a watch, three B&W pencils, and a handy spring-bound notebook. A spray mosquito repellant, eg. Autan. A light stainless steel cup, a bowl and a spoon, a fold-out knife, and a small towel.