Summer season 2017 in the Kola Peninsula


In a summer season of 2017 we are glad to you to offer programs of active recreation in the Kola Peninsula

The land of Mountain spirit - A walking tour of the Khibiny with comfortable accommodation in a mountain hotel. The Khibiny are relatively low mountains occupying a small area but they remain in the hearts and minds of people enamored by their unique charm. This ancient land is full of fairy tales and legends, epic stories and rich real history. They speak to the traveller through ancient Sami names of surrounding peaks, paths, and lakes. Themselves invisible, they look at you through the eyes of the Seids, mountain spirits living in fantastic rocks generously scattered by nature around the tundra. Thats a totally different dimension.

We invite you to participate in an intriguing trip through the Khibiny where youll find an optimal combination of physical load and relaxation, solitude and remarkable natural beauty, nights in tents and comfortable guesthouses in the very heart of the northern mountains, without city hassle and bustle.

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