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Kukisvumchorr Path (tour No. 1)
1,5 hours
Kukisvumchorr Path (tour No. 1) - 1,5 hours

Beautiful short and easy radial tour along the glacier valley of Kukisvum.

The Sparkle of Hibiny
2 days
The Sparkle of Hibiny - 2 days

18-19.01, 21-22.01,  5-6.02
This is a comfortable trip to the very heart of the Hibiny mountain in a special enclosed sleigh. You will see the rugged beauty of Arctic mountains, snow-covered forest surrounded by the hills, ice-bound lakes, and never-freezing rivers.

Saami holidays
3 days
Saami holidays - 3 days

17-19.01, 24-26.01, 31.01-2.02, 7-9.02, 14-16.02,  28.02-1.03

 An ethnographic program on a snowmobile. Take a break from hassles in virgin nature surroundings.

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